Our History

Youth With A Mission is Missionary organization, international and interdenominational. We mainly act in the areas of Evangelism, Training and Mercy Ministries, committed to mobilizing and serving local and foreign churches to reach nations with Jesus’ message.

We, as YWAM, recognize the Bible as the word of God and, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it is the supreme reference point and authority for all aspects of our lives and ministries.

Youth With A Mission was founded in the 60s by Loren Cunningham, after he had a vision of great waves of the sea that transformed into young people who invaded the continents of the earth preaching the word of God.

Since then our mission has been to KNOW GOD AND MAKE HIM KNOWN. Currently, YWAM has approximately 17,000 full-time volunteer workers, working in almost 1000 operating locations in more than 170 countries. Each base is an extension of the University of the Nations, which is based in Kona, Hawaii, offering courses in various academic lines.