Coffee and the Word

“Coffee and the Word” – it is an initiative from our base that has an objective to create a community of friends that have a common interest: to connect with the Scriptures.  Part of the Portuguese culture is gathering together at a Café.

We want everyone who is with us during these times to feel comfortable sharing their doubts or ideas in relation to what they already know about God. Our goal with these meetings is to discover what the Scripture says together. Our goal is that we might discover together what the Scriptures says, and It would be the protagonist in our meetings.

The Word remains alive and effective, capable of reaching depths that we cannot imagine, as it says Hebrews.  So, let’s get together and encourage one another in this process of transformation, which has always been the main idea of being a “church”, which is not about a building, but a group of people that is growing in getting to know the heart of God, admiring with intensity what they were created for.

If you live in Lisbon and want to join us in our meetings, contact us!