Friends of the Elderly

Portugal has the fourth largest elderly population in the world, and it is third in the European Union; for every 100 young people, there are 157 elderly people.  And this scenario is more challenging when we consider those who are living alone and isolated throughout the country due to physical or psychological conditions.

Our motivations as project “Friends of the Elderly” is to serve to this elderly community in Portugal with dedication, love and grace that comes from God.  Our goal is to build strong relationships based on trust, generosity, and support.  We believe that in this phase of life, God also has plans and they are good, perfect, and pleasing.  Because of that, we strive for a good quality of life and satisfaction of our elderly ones.

Our desire is to walk together with every one of them, realizing that despite their age, they can still have a good quality of life, learn to adapt, and develop their potential to the maximum.

Some of our activities are based on recreation time and communion, lunches, dancing, home visiting, and helping with their home duties like cleaning and cooking.   

If you feel in your heart like being part of God’s answer to this community, do not hesitate in contacting us for more information.