Many times in our lives, we “collect” traumas, abuses, mourning, neglect and so many other bad experiences that end up preventing us from seeing, receiving and living clearly the love of God for us, from enjoying his fatherhood and the abundance of life that He has in store for us.

In response to this scenario of chaos, pain, rejection and rebellion, the FCM aims to train the student, through tools, principles and biblical counseling models that, if applied to daily life, will generate healing, life, maturity and restoration even to the most hurt heart.

Our goal is to enable the students to deal with their relational conflicts, whether internal or external, from the past, the present as well as with those of the future. As a School we believe that God deeply yearns to align our lives with his Father’s heart, making us free and emancipated from pain, able to live, love and build healthy relationships, in addition to being able to help others to follow this path of restoration.

The school is divided into two phases: Lecture phase and practical phase

Lecture – 12 weeks: During this time, we have classes both theorical and practical, small groups, individual follow up, researches, analysis of cases and books and other activities.

Outreach – 12: During the practical experience of counseling, active listening, preparation and execution of seminars will be provided, thus improving the skills and teachings acquired in the lecture phase.