Bible Core Course is one of our most precious and transforming schools for one to get involved with. It is a time of 12 weeks of deep immersion in the Bible texts, learning to observe and interpret as you were living in the same time when the text was written,  learning to look and think as if you were the sender or the receptor of the message.

Wow!  That makes the heart speed up! But not only that, this immersion allows the student to understand with more clarity and faithfulness the message, and most important, apply it in his/her daily life.   

During the 12 weeks of BCC we will enjoy the Inductive Method and at the end of this time …

  • We will have read the Bible completely;
  •  We will have deeply studied 15 books of the Old and New Testament;
  •  We will have a clear understanding of the Biblical panorama;
  • We will be able to see God’s work throughout humans history;
  • We will have more tools to be able to teach and share the Word;
  •  We will have a life which looks more like Jesus.